Getting your tracks competitively loud, plain and simple.
Are you stuck with your tracks just nog matching up when mixing them with commercial tracks?
Have you tried all the tutorials but cannot get you sound loud enough without messing it up?
Let us save you the hassle and master your track for only €12,99 incl. VAT
Q: What mastering equipment/hardware do you use?

A: We master “in the box” as they say, we have all the tools necessary to analyse the dynamics in your reference track and get your mix on competitive level.

We reference on Genelecs M040 model monitors in a reasonable acoustically treated room and on Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro and Sony MDR-7509 HD Headphones.

Q: Will I get feedback on my mix to better prepare it for mastering?
A: We ask you to follow our simple mixdown guidelines and will master the track if the mix meets the given criteria. If you are in someway surprised by the outcome of certain parts in the master, please let us know and we can advise you in how to address those issues.
Q: Do I need to pay for additional masters if I am not satisfied?
A: We grant you up to 3 master revisions (total of 4 masters), in which you are allowed to send us 1 additional revised mix.
Q: Will my mix sound great after mastering?

A: The master will reflect the quality of the mix, it is not up to the mastering engineer to change the sound. Do note, too much energy in the high-end will be treated to adjust for pleasing sound system levels.

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